Monday, November 2, 2009

I've heard that I don't post enough pictures of Abby, so here you go... and one of Lily too :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We started the celebration off with a dress-up party at Preschool. The kids each got a chance to show their costumes and the class got to act like the character they were dressed up as. They decorated masks and had fun treats, but their favorite part was feeling inside hallowed out pumpkins and guessing what squishy things were inside (wet noodles, marshmallows, cereal and pumpkin guts).

The Monkey on the left is Abby :)

On Halloween day we went up to our friend Celina's house for chili and apple pie. This is where we got the kids ready for trick-or-treating. Lily decided that she didn't want to be just a regular bee, so she changed the costume to a rock-star bumblebee. She had pink-eye, so we went to a few houses and headed home to answer the door to other trick-or-treaters. Lily thought this was just as much fun, so the night was a success! Abby seemed to have fun too she liked the teddy grahams the best :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day Weekend

My parents came out for about a week and were here to celebrate Mother's Day Weekend with us. Brent's parents came out Thursday and stayed thru Saturday.

So Lily got a double dose of spoiling. Here are some of the highlights from their stay.

Lily had so much fun flying kites and getting grandma and grandpa to do whatever she asked of them.

Pateros high school had a carnival that both Grandmas, Lily, and I went to. It was very 'Pateros', but Lily had a great time!

Her favorite game was a silly little pool with duckies in it. There were numbers on the bottom of the ducks that you were suppose to match, but she just took them in and out of the water and thought it was great?!

She picked out a pink cake for winning the cake walk (her only competitors were Mommy and Grandmas).

I think the best part was watching her ride the horse. She is such a big girl!!

While the girls had fun, the boys spent the majority of the weekend working. They dug out our old water pipes, and put in new ones. The water pressure is soooo much better!!

Lily had to have her work gloves on too!!

The best part of the weekend was Lily's ballet recital!! I've never been prouder! She was so adorable and did such a great job. She did both dances, and as she was leaving the stage she was the last one off and blew kisses and waved at the audience!!! The cutest little bee I've ever seen!!

I made little bumble bee cupcakes for her class!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fun at the Childrens Museum

Well, here is my very first official post on a blog EVER!!! I'm sure I'll soon become a blogging pro!

I wanted to share with my sisters, and anyone else who would be interested, how much fun Lily and her cousin had at the Children's Museum in Olympia. I think it would be so much fun to take all of our kids there someday when we can get them all together. The place was smaller than I thought it would be, but everywhere you turn there is a new exciting room with fun things to do. The pictures don't accurately show the amount of creativity and fun this place radiates. My personal favorite was the theater area where the kids could get on stage and dress up, use puppets, push buttons that make the sounds of the audience or thunder..., and collect tickets for the show. It was so cute! They also had a pet shop where they could pretend to wash the animals (stuffed animals), and put them in cages. The next room had a pretend grocery store equipped with a bakery and meat shop. There was a small restaurant to pretend that you're a waitress, cook or customer. There was a dentist office, ambulance, emergency room with dollies, Craft room with a craft of the day, A construction site, a ship, and a toddler room. Wow...